International Money Transfer Systems

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union carries out money transfer and makes payment transactions using money checks and other electronic payment systems. Customers of Western Union can receive and send money easily and quickly. In the created by Western Union system operates more than 285 000 points in 200 countries and territories, carrying out the fastest money transfers. Western Union services are available practically around the globe. Western Union was founded in the United States, in this country and is currently its head office. Twenty-first century - already is the third century, in which the company operates. For more than 160 years Western Union carries out money transfers and during that time was not registered any case of loss of client's money.

MoneyGram Money Transfer

MoneyGram money transfer system has a distinctive feature - the absence of a specific address where the money is sent: You specify only the recipient of money transfer. To obtain sent transfer you can in any of the points of MoneyGram in any country in the world. 75 000 service points are grouped together in a united computer network. Just in 10 minutes after information entry about the money transfer, a receiver can obtain money at any place in the world, regardless of to what city and country they were sent, so this feature greatly simplifies the process of money transfer, especially in the case if a recipient is in the other than the sender of this place. MoneyGram money transfers are carried out without opening of a bank account.

Ria Money Transfer

Take advantage of of quick money transfers - "RIA Money Transfer". The system is oriented for money transfers between individuals without opening of bank accounts and within a short period of time - 15 minutes. Money transfer made via "RIA Money Transfer" can be obtained at any branch of banks, working with RIA Money. "RIA Money Transfer" - one of the three companies, leading on money transfer market. Transfers via this system are implemented with the help of a wide network of branch offices (more than 70 000 points) in 100 countries (Italy, Spain, Russia, USA, Canada, China, Israel, Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, etc.).

Swift Codes

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is an international organization in the field of financial communications, whose main focus is to provide rapid, sensitive and protected from unauthorized access telecommunications services for banks. In other words, the organization is a telecommunication system that provides services of the transfer of financial messages. The initiative of establishing of an international project, which would set aim to provide all of its participants with an opportunity of high-speed, round the clock, exchange of banking information with a high degree of control and protection from unauthorized access, refers to 1968. Somewhat later (in 1972), this initiative has been designed in the project, called MSP (Message Switching Project - Project Message Switching).

Coinstar Money Transfer

To become a world leader in just two years succeeded to the English money transfer system Coinstar Money Transfer. The company appeared in 2003 and already in 2005 was in the "TOP 10" of companies on the market of money transfers. Coinstar Money Transfer (former Travelex) is one of the most trusted in the area of quick money transfers and serves more than 30 million visitors annually in the financial bureaus at the airport, produces popular traveler's checks and credit cards, has service points in 143 countries around the world. The system of money transfers Coinstar Money Transfer (Travelex) has appeared in the Internet era and uses the most advanced technologies for exchange of information via well-protected, but still common web channels - not via their own expensive networks, which at one time was created by systems of Money Gram and Western Union for themselves.